Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amazon plans on releasing a 9" tablet this Fall

WSJ reports that Amazon will indeed release a tablet to compete with the iPad this fall.

The article continues to say that the tablet will run on Andriod (duh!) and will have a 9 inch color LCD screen (nice!). That sounds perfect for my digital comic books! There will not be a camera, but should have hopefully has all the other bells and whistles (browser, app store, etc).

The only question I have is:

Is it really gonna cost $500? Tom'sGuide thinks so. "the Amazon tablet is likely to be considerably more expensive and hit the $500 mark for a Wi-Fi only version."

Depending on the price, I think their new tablet really makes a lot of sense.
Amazon actually creates a product that I think finds the perfect niche. How many consumers will realize it, I'm not sure.

I am of the crowd that thinks an iPad is a bit too much. Its a little too flashy for my tastes, has a little bit too much of the "hey, look at me!" vibe going on. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple and I think the iPad is an amazing device, but at $500, its just too much. And since it is such a nice product, I can't really treat it the way an e-reader can be treated. I would have to be so careful not to scratch the screen or the casing. Yea, I can get a case for it and a screen protector, but that's the point! I don't want to HAVE TO get all of those things.

The Kindle has no versatility. It's black and white. But it's great at what it does: read digital books. But that's it. I was silently hoping for a Kindle Color, like the Nook Color.

I wanted to like the Nook Color. I wanted to buy the Nook Color. But it just seemed to lag a little too much, and I learned that the NC works best if rooted. I'm not opposed to jailbreaking/hacking items, but I like products that are good enough without tweaking. So for now, I'm staying away.

So if the iPad is too much, and the Kindle and the Nook Color is not enough, then Amazon has a real good chance of capturing the sweet spot, they fill the gap.
Again, as long as it is priced right.

I'm hoping for a max MSRP of $295.

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