Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iPad or Nook color or tbd Amazon tablet

Tom's Guide reports that Amazon is planning on releasing their own Android tablet to compete with Barnes and Noble's Nook Color.

They say that " the Amazon tablet is likely to be considerably more expensive and hit the $500 mark for a Wi-Fi only version"


So I'm a Apple fanboy, but why would anyone choose it (even though I have no idea what the Amazon tablet specs will be) over an iPad if it costs the same? And why would those who are deciding between the Nook color ($249 MSRP and that can be rooted aka jailbroken, to get android apps) and this choose something that costs twice as much?

I have stayed away from the iPad since I have an iPhone, a MacBook, and soon (!!) a MacBook Air, but recently, I've begun considering the Nook color to assist with my rediscovered fascination with Spider-Man comics. Have not yet pulled the trigger on it as a comic book reader, but it IS on the radar. I would prefer an Amazon product to BN, but not for twice the price.

A more in depth review will/may follow in the next few days.

We'll see..

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